Customize your SharkSlides!

Did you know that you can customize your SharkSlides exactly as you want? The fin, which sits on top of your SharkSlide, can be taken off, after which a new one can be inserted. This means that you can put in a completely different color or type of fin. You can find our selection of fins on under "Accessories". Here you will find, among other things, our Fireball fin and our Unicorn fin.

This means that you can customize your slippers for any occasion or mood. Whether you want an eye-catching and colorful fin, or a more discreet and sleek one, we have something for you. Combine different fins with your SharkSlides for a personal touch that really makes them stand out.

Applies to the Following Models:

  • SharkSlides - Original
  • SharkSlides - Special Edition
  • SharkSlides - Graffiti
  • SharkSlides - Puff
  • SharkSlides - Winter
  • Custom Clogs

Take a look at our website and find the fins that perfectly match your style!

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