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Customize your SharkSlides!

Did you know that you can customize your SharkSlides exactly as you want? The fin, which sits on top of your SharkSlide, can be taken off, after which a new one can be inserted. This means that yo...

How to give your SharkSlides a new lease of life

Have your SharkSlides started to look a bit tired? Don't despair! Our SharkSlides are made of the resilient material EVA Plastic, which you can read more about here: EVA Plastic vs PVC Plastic (Pht...

Who are we at

Welcome to, where we offer a wide range of our popular SharkSlides. My name is Anton Spejlsgaard, and I am the founder of the sole proprietorship TechPerformance, which operates Sha...

Why buy your SharkSlides from us?

Dear customer,We have often been accused of sourcing our products directly from major Chinese webshops like Temu and Shein, leading some customers to assume that we sell our SharkSlides at slightly...

EVA Plastic vs. PVC Plastic (Phthalates)

As mentioned, our SharkSlides are made of EVA plastic, also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate, a type of plastic material commonly used in various products such as shoes, lunch boxes, sportswear, sw...

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