EVA Plastic vs. PVC Plastic (Phthalates)

As mentioned, our SharkSlides are made of EVA plastic, also known as ethylene-vinyl acetate, a type of plastic material commonly used in various products such as shoes, lunch boxes, sportswear, swim goggles, and even medical equipment.

EVA plastic is a stable and safe material that does not release harmful chemicals when used or disposed of. It is also resistant to sunlight, water, and high temperatures, meaning it does not degrade easily and therefore does not pose a threat to the environment or human health.

Additionally, EVA plastic is a flexible and durable material that is easy to work with and shape, making it a popular choice for manufacturers of a wide range of products.

Furthermore, EVA plastic is not classified as a hazardous material by international standards and regulatory authorities. It is not known to have any toxic effects on human health or the environment, and it has not been banned or restricted in use due to health or environmental concerns.

Comparison between EVA plastic and the commonly used PVC plastic shows that EVA plastic is a safer material in terms of phthalate risk.

Phthalates are chemicals often used in plastic products to make them more flexible and durable. However, some types of phthalates are known to have toxic effects on humans and the environment, leading to increased focus on avoiding these substances in plastic products.

PVC plastic is a type of plastic material that often contains phthalates to increase flexibility and durability. While PVC has a wide range of applications, concerns arise due to the harmful effects that certain types of phthalates can have on human health and the environment.

EVA plastic does not contain phthalates, as it is a different material from PVC plastic. EVA plastic is manufactured using a different production process that does not require the use of phthalates to achieve the desired flexibility and durability. This makes EVA plastic a safer alternative to PVC plastic, as it does not contain the harmful phthalates.

In contrast to PVC plastic, EVA plastic is therefore a safer and more sustainable choice when it comes to avoiding the risk of phthalates in plastic products. There is no need to be concerned about phthalates when choosing EVA plastic as the material for your products, as it is a stable and reliable material that poses no threat to human health or the environment.



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