Why buy your SharkSlides from us?

Dear customer,

We have often been accused of sourcing our products directly from major Chinese webshops like Temu and Shein, leading some customers to assume that we sell our SharkSlides at slightly higher prices than what you can find for the "exact same" product from them...

However, that couldn't be further from the truth - and as we absolutely do not want to be associated with the giant Chinese webshops, we have chosen to write this post.

Our products are indeed imported from the East, just like many others, which we do not hide at all. The difference is that we have ensured that our products are produced in a responsible manner and comply with applicable Danish legislation, so you as a consumer do not have to worry about your or others' health in connection with the use of the product - you can read more about this here.

Furthermore, when you shop with us, you can also be sure to receive your product quickly and in much better quality! - and if, by any chance, you do not want the product or if they do not fit, you can always get a refund or exchange them for a different size :-)

We are therefore forced to charge a little extra for our products to maintain the mentioned quality and safety of our products, and still make things work. And yet, in the end, it is not much of a difference when you have paid for shipping and import at our competitors.

Last but not least, as a Danish registered company, we also pay Danish sales tax, import tax, and corporate tax, which is not the case for our Chinese competitors.

By shopping with us, you are supporting Danish entrepreneurship, which ultimately benefits you, as more money ends up in the Danish treasury rather than with a Chinese giant webshop known for abusing and selling your data.

In conclusion, we certainly cannot and should not dictate where you should shop for your SharkSlides, but it would mean a lot to us if you would consider spending the extra 25-50 kr. and instead shop with us!

Best Regards,

Anton Spejlsgaard / SharkSlides.dk

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